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RV Tire Replacement

Out of an effort to truly service the needs of our customers, we have an extensive collection of RV tires from Michelin to Hankook, Bridgestone to Sumotomo.

While there is plenty of competition in this market, we strive to provide our customers with the ability to get this necessary service done when their coach's undergo other services we offer. As such, if we can undercut a price you're chasing, let us know, or if we can enhance your ride with a better tire than you have today, we're happy to help.

Michelin XRV TireWhat Tires Should I Buy?

The quality of your ride is dependent on two main factors: what tires you buy and who you trust to install them right.

While we offer many different styles of tires, at a wide variety of prices, the experts trust Michelin XRV. This tire is engineered specifically for RV use, geared toward a higher level of comfort and ride standards, beyond those offered for other larger tires.

What Air Pressure Should I Set My Tires To?

With your RV fully loaded and fueled, drive your coach to a convenient public scale.

Using this weight as your guide, you can consult the RV Tire Chart provided below to truly optimize your ride's comfort.

RV Tire Inflation Chart

Weathered Aged TireWhen Should I Replace My RV Tires?

RV Tires should be replaced when the remaining tread is worn below 4/32nd, when they are severely weather cracked, or when tires reach the maximum age for a manufacturer's warranty. Most RV owners replace their tires every five years, mostly in response to the length of time covered by most manufacturers.

Although a new tire's warranty starts from the date of purchase, and not the date the tire was manufactured, we pride ourselves in using new tires, not old and aged inventory. This is just one more reflection of our efforts to keep you safe.

Tires AgeHow Old Are My Tires?

Much like VIN number on your coach, a tire's date of manufacturing, or DOT #, is stamped on the sidewall area, just above where the wheel meets the tire.

As of the year 2000, the last four digits in the DOT # represent the week and year the tire was produced. As such, a tire marked "0309" was manufactured the 3rd week of 2009. With this in mind, most RV owners replace their tires every 5-6 years, just as the tire's warranty expires.

RV Tire Options

Michelin RV Tires

Michelin RV Tire - XRV

Michelin XRV

The most popular tire we offer, this all-wheel position radial tire is designed to deliver exceptional performance to recreational vehicles and motorhomes.

Michelin RV Tire - X One XRV

Michelin X One XRV

The ultra-low profile wide base tire is designed to replace duals in recreational vehicle applications. It avails you to better gas mileage and increase maneuverability

Michelin RV Tire - XCA

Michelin XCA

All-wheel position highway rib tire designed to deliver high gas mileage and excellent fuel economy.

Michelin RV Tire - XPS RIB

Michelin XPS RIB

All-steel, all-wheel position highway rib tire designed for high gas mileage and retreadability in light trucks.

Michelin RV Tire - XZA

Michelin XZA

All-wheel position radial tire with proven versatility.

Michelin RV Tire - XZE

Michelin XZE

A premium all-position radial tire with extra-wide, extra-deep tread designed to help deliver our best wear in high scrub applications.


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