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Our custom mattresses come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, specific to the needs of each RV owner.

Whether one is in need of our deluxe, latex mattress, or just a basic plush-top, medium coil mattress, we have you covered. We stock a wide variety of each style offered in our warehouse, and custom ordered sizes are available typically within a week.

Although the majority of our mattresses are catered to RV owners, and the demand for “short” mattress sizes, each mattress is also available for one’s home use as well, and not RV specific. So, if you want one for your coach and one for your home, we can easily provide you a mattress that will provide you the feel you are looking for in both spaces.

Sizes Available

We make custom sized mattresses in a variety of widths, lengths, and angled cuts. If you don't see a size that fits your need, simply give us a call and ask if we can fill your need.

Custom RV MattressesMost Popular RV Size

Short Queen 60" x 74"

Standard Sizes

Twin 38" x 74"

Full 52.5" x 74"

Queen 60" x 80"

King 72" x 84"

Other Popular Custom Sizes

XL Twin 36" x 80"

Eastern King 76" x 80"

California King 72" x 84"

Latex Mattress

The Latex Mattress AdvantageThe perfect balance of comfort and support...is engineered into every Latex Mattress Core. Derived from the hevea brasiliensis, rubber tree, latex has natural qualities that simply make it the perfect sleeping material.

It dynamically conforms to your every movement throughout the night, so that you are assured optimal orthopedic support in any sleep position. This unique ability to conform to your body also alleviates areas of high pressure that cause you to toss and turn at night. In addition, latex is mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for those suffering from pulmonary allergies.

Latex naturally adjusts to the contours of your body, providing gentle orthopedic support that maintains proper spinal alignment without restricting capillary blood flow.

Discover for yourself what millions of Europeans already know. In Europe they've discovered that the way to achieve a revitalizing sleep is by using a natural bedding material that combines consistent support with a soft feel. That's why each year, over three million Europeans purchase a mattress made of pure latex. A mattress made with latex will provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and support year after year.

Sleep is actually a science, and its quality can be measured. By analyzing the physical pressure between the body and mattress, you can determine inconsistent pressure points that inhibit blood circulation. The Ergocheck system is a specially designed measuring pad with 648 individual pressure sensors distributed across the testing surface. As you can see in these Ergocheck test results, the latex mattress distributes pressure evenly.

Latex conforms to every curve and contour, supporting you lower back and keeping your spine properly aligned. Latex also offers superior pressure relief which helps tired muscles to recuperate.

The California The California
Latex 6" Thickness
Double Sided
Medium Firmness
The California

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Coiled Mattresses

Our coiled mattresses are reinforced with steel protection, so that the padding over the coils never falls between the springs’ openings. This ultimately avails each mattress to a more comfortable and durable top surface layer. This layer is a combination of a nylon backed insulator pad and cotton, which is less likely to break down over time than traditionally utilized polyfoam. The top surface is then button-tufted, which spring loads the mattress to give it a better overall feel and reduces the risk of any materials conforming to one’s body, or what’s referred to as “body sculpting”. Lastly, a pillow top is generally added to the top of the button layer for another comfort-oriented component. Consequently, these mattresses will leave you feeling great after the first night, and still feel wonderful years later.

The Arizona The Arizona
Firmer Coils with Steel Grid
Cotton Upholstered & Button Tufted
Double Sided, 1 1/2" Quilted Plush Top
The Arizona


The Texas The Texas
Firm Coils with Steel Grid
Cotton Upholstered
Double Sided, 1" Quilted Plush Top
The Texas


The Illinois The Illinois
Medium Coil
Fiber Inner Body Padding
Plush Top
The Illinois

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