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We specialize in offering the finest Reupholstery services for RV restoration and remodeling purposes, combining designer fabrics with expert craftsmanship.

With a wide selection of fabric options from Ultraleather, Robert Allen, and more, we can find the best fabric design to meet your color scheme and performance needs.

Our expert staff has decades of experience in RV Reupholstery, and specializes in revitalizing the integrity of worn out seats. With reinforced padding and hand-crafted precision, your seats will feel and look like new again.


Fabric Options

Ultraleather fabric has become synonymous with high quality, RV furniture. As such, it is no wonder that most Reupholstery projects that we offer utilize this durable and stain resistant fabric.


UltraleatherThe Ultraleather Fabric option continues to be the most popular choice amongst our customers.

This durable, polyurethane alternative is designed to mirror the look of leather, with a much easier surface to clean and maintain. It's far less volitile in extreme weather conditions, staying cooler in hot weather and resisting cracking / tearing in cold weather.

It cleans effortlessly with simply soap and water, and should you ever have a stain that is in need of cleaning, simply utilize the common household products "Fantastic" and "Formula 409" to do the job.

Below, you will find those colors most often selected in Ultraleather. For the full color line, click on the link below to access a PDF of the full color line in Ultraleather.

Ultraleather Fabric PDF

Ultraleather - Almond Ultraleather - Arctic Ultraleather - Buff Ultraleather - Cashmere
Almond Arctic Buff Cashmere
Ultraleather - Champagne Ultraleather - Doe Ultraleather - Ivory Ultraleather - Milkweed
Champagne Doe Ivory Milkweed
Ultraleather - Papyrus Ultraleather - Sand Ultraleather - Tan Ultraleather - Wheat
Papyrus Sand Tan Wheat

Other Flexsteel Fabric Options

Flexsteel Brisa Flexsteel Mystic / Mystic Light / Breeze Flexsteel OptimaLeather Flexsteel Fabric Options
Flexsteel Brisa Flexsteel Mystic / Light Mystic / Breeze Flexsteel OptimaLeather Flexsteel Fabric Options


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