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Hard Surface FlooringHard surface flooring is a great option for RV owners in need of a more rugged and durable flooring option than carpet. It has become increasingly stylish and it's ability to really open up one's floor plan makes it a very popular choice.

Although there are many hard surface flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl, we stock the two most requested options in RVs: laminate and vinyl. Unlike hardwood and tile, laminate and vinyl are much less weight, more durable, and less volatile in a moving coach.

Hard Surface Flooring Styles

There are several different types of hard surface flooring options and styles, all with a difference in construction. Whether it is natural hardwood or stone, tile, or flooring options that merely impersonate natural products (laminate or vinyl), we have the right hard surface flooring option for your needs.


RV Flooring - Hardwood


Natural products made from hardwood tree species in either engineered or solid forms. Commonly styled in distressed or beveled forms, this floor is very elegant to look at, but prone to extreme expansion in an RV. It is also among the less durable hard surface floors available.

RV Flooring - Laminate


Styled in either hardwood or tile forms, this floor combines several layers of materials (fiberboards and papers) to combine for a highly durable and easy-to-clean flooring choice. High pressure laminates are designed to best serve RV owners with their extremely durable top surface layer, capable of sustaining extreme weight (slideouts) and accidental drops.

RV Flooring - Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile

This vinyl-based product is among the most durable floors we offer. With styles in both hardwood and tile looks, this floor is commonly used in grocery stores and other high traffic venues due to its awesome durability. Combine this with its lightweight and shallow design, this floor works great for RV owners looking to maximize gas mileage and use a new flooring option under a tight slideout clearance.

RV Flooring - Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl

Vinyl in its most traditional form is styled like hardwood, tile, stone, and many other fun patterns. It comes in 12' widths generally and gets glued directly to the subfloor. Not nearly as durable as its hard surface competition, this floor can still offer RV owners an easily cleaned alternative to carpet.

RV Flooring - Tile


Available in either ceramic or porcelain options, we offer the highest quality tile from importers all over the world. While the styles we offer complement most RVs, we warn potential buyers of tile's volatility and proneness to chipping, cracking, and buckling in a moving coach. Although our tiles are extremely hard surfaces, the obstacles of a moving vehicle and this floor can sometime prove too much once on your way down the highway.

Hard Surface Flooring Selection

It's easy to get overwhelmed with the flooring options we offer, and thus, we commit ourselves to helping you find the right floor for you. Depending on the product, different floors lend themselves to different environments and needs.

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks

PT8466 InstalledLuxury Vinyl Tiles / Planks are our most popular hard surface flooring options for RV owners looking to bring a durable, yet stylish look into their motorhome. Unlike laminate, another popular RV hard surface flooring, luxury vinyl tiles and planks are more resistant to water, availing you to literally take a mop to these floors without running the risk of delamination. These floors are also low profiled, extremely durable, and glued directly to the subfloor. With beautiful hardwood and tile styles to choose from, this floor is a tremendous upgrade for any coach, from entry-level to high-end. The versatility and customization of this floor make it very unique and fun to design. Best of all, it’s lighter than both hardwood and tile, thus making one’s RV as fuel efficient as possible.

Laminate Flooring

We stock select hardwood and tile styles of Wilsonart Flooring in our inventory. Wilsonart offers only high pressure laminate products throughout their line with wear layers starting at 17 mil and reaching as high as 45 mil. When compared to the 6-8 mil, direct pressure products of Pergo, Quick-Step, Shaw, Mohawk, and so many others, the difference in quality is clear. Wilsonart’s high-pressure construction also avails the product to be fully warrantable in an RV, even when installed under a slideout.

With any laminate though, the height of the product can often infringe on our ability to install the material under slideouts and other tight spaces in an RV. This material also requires matching trim pieces to hold down the free-floating floor, and thus, rounded corners and other custom features are ruled out with laminate.

Hardwood and Tile

We strongly discourage the use of Hardwood or Tile flooring options in recreational vehicles. Although we know the demand for these floors is still prevalent, we encourage the use of alternative options that offer more durability, less maintenance, better fuel economy, and above all else, less volatility.

Hardwood requires a smooth and rigid subfloor to be installed properly. Despite all the floor preparations we can make when installing the floor, the subfloor in an RV shifts and moves as the coach rolls down the highway. The slightest change in that well-prepped subfloor can cause beveling, warping, or other structural issues to occur soon after install. Hardwood is also extremely susceptible to expansion and contraction due to its natural nature. As an RV travels down the road, it is common to pass from a very arid climate into a very humid one throughout the course of a typical trip. This extreme shift in climate conditions can cause your floor to expand or contract too greatly, thus again, availing the floor to beveling, warping, etc.

Tile is even more dependent on a smooth, rigid subfloor that even hardwood. Whether in one’s home or RV, Hardibacker (a cement oriented subfloor) is attached to the top of the plywood subfloor for structural support. In a moving coach, the simple action of hitting a pothole, rolling over a speed bump, or driving off-road can jolt the subfloor enough to cause significant damage to one’s floor—from cracking and chipping, to lifting and beveling—tile is not meant for an RV. We know how often it has been used over the years in a variety of newer coaches, but we are also well aware of the repairs we have been forced to make on many RV owner’s behalf who purchased a coach with tile floors.

Stocked Items

Luxury Vinyl Planks / Tile

Vinyl Hardwood InstallationHardwood Style

These are just a few of our top selling Hard Surface, Luxury Vinyl Planks that we stock.

Considering the demands of our customers, we strive to keep the freshest and most desirable RV flooring surfaces in our inventory for fast and efficient turn-around.

*Hardwood planks are 36" x 4'
PSH0036V20066 InstalledTile Style

Below you will find just a select offering of our most highly sought after Luxury Vinyl Tiles, stocked specifically for your RV flooring needs.

Over the years, we have found that these products fit the bill for most customers, as they conceal dirt and hold up to the durable needs of any motorhome owner. If you don't see a color or style you like, don't sweat it as we have hundreds of options available for you to select your ideal floor from.

PT8966 PT8466
PT8966 PT8466
PSH0036V20066 PSH0036V50066
PSH0036V20066 PSH0036V50066
PST566 PST366
PST566 PST366

*Tiles are generally 12" x 12"

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Domco Earthworks Estate Plus Fiberfloor Formica
Ionique Karndean Knight Tile Luxe Marmoleum
Millstone Mohawk Mullican Nafco Oasis
Pergo Quick-Step Royalty San Lorenzo Shaw
Tarkett Ventanna Virginia Vintage Wicanders Wilsonart

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