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RV CarpetOver the years, our reputation has been built upon our Carpet & Flooring Service. Stemming from our roots as a carpet and flooring retailer in North Orange County, we recognized the demand for this niched service, and thus, we quickly refined the process to fit the needs of more than just our residential customers with an RV.

Since our start in 1976, our popularity steadily rose as we gained an authoritative status on the topic. As word of the quality we offered in both products and workmanship grew, RV owners across North America traveled to our facility in Buena Park, California to have their work done by “the best."

Today, this service remains our primary focus.

Carpet is the most popular flooring option requested by RV owners in need of new floors. We carry a huge selection of the finest carpet styles available from all the leading manufacturers, including Shaw, Mohawk, Tuftex, Camelot, Fabrica, and Stanton, to name a few. These products range in both quality and price, each made from the finest fibers available (either nylon, polyester, olefin, or wool).

Carpet InstallationWe stock a wide variety of different products in our warehouse, and our special order products generally offer quick turn-around times from the date of selection.

What separates us from our competition is three basic factors: quality products, experienced installers, and one hard earned reputation.

We offer all the highest quality products available at our retail flooring store to our RV customers. Beyond that, we stock our warehouse full of materials specific to the needs of RV consumers, knowing your needs are and products you seek.

Our installers are the best in the business for two reasons—they are and have always been carpet and flooring installers and they have the experience needed in these motorhomes and trailers to make informed, creative decisions that ensure our installations look great each and every time!

We have worked hard to make sure that we are the ultimate authority on the subject. With over 30 years of experience, there are few questions we have yet to answer, and thus, we know what our RV customers want and expect from the time they pull up to the time they leave. We also believe in a referral-sourced network of customers, and thus, we do what is necessary to make each customer happy before they drive off. This is the key to any successful family-owned and operated business.

Carpet Construction

There are several different types of carpet styles, all with a difference in construction. These difference can ultimately mean more to you than just flashy style - they can lead to both better texture retention and cleanability. Depending on your needs, choose the carpet construction that is right for you.

RV Carpet - Cut-Pile Berber

Cut Pile Berber

A thick, plush carpeting featuring unique yarns, beautifully crafted and flecked with color, adding personality and versatility to any bedroom or living space.

RV Carpet - Frieze


Casual, durable, and clean in appearance, this carpeting is characterized by very tightly twisted yarns. This carpeting offers a contemporary look known as the "modern-day shag," and thus, is resilient to vacuum and traffic patterns, making it ideal active RV users.

RV Carpet - Loop


This wool-like, ragged looped surface creates a warm atmosphere through its naturally distinctive appearance. Characterized by a tightly looped texture, this carpeting is ideal when attempting to conceal footprints and vacuum marks. Due to the moving parts within an RV, we seldom recommend this option.

RV Carpet - Pattern


With patterns created by varied pile height and/or combined cut and loop constructions, this carpeting offers distinct beauty and personality in both casual and elegant styles, from the very modern to the traditional and formal.

RV Carpet - Saxony


Refined cut-pile surface offering a luxuriously, smooth finish. This style adds a distinctive elegance to formal rooms, as it shows subtle highlights and accents in its design.

RV Carpet - Texture


The most versatile cut-pile compliments any room décor, as its textured surface helps conceal footprints and vacuum marks. The casual beauty it brings makes it a great fit for the whole RV.

Stocked Items

Carpet InventoryShort Roll Inventory

The majority of our stock consists of “short rolls,” which are better known as remnants of larger pieces of carpet. These rolls are balances that are accumulated by local manufacturers after custom orders have been filled. In an effort to free up their warehouse space with larger, more economical products, these short rolls are offered to us at a discount, which in turn is availed to our customers.

For most companies in the flooring industry, short rolls are generally too small to do a decent sized job in someone’s home or office, but for us, these remnant pieces are ideal for RVs, which generally do not require all that much carpet. Best of all, these pieces which are generally $45-60 per yard normally are offered to you for as much as 50% off their suggested retail price.

Our stock of short rolls is ever-changing, due to our dependence on local manufacturers to offer their latest batch of remnant products. Because one batch differs significantly from another, we would invite you to visit our Warehouse located at 8114 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90621 if you feel that this option would be best for you or your customer.

Express Stock Inventory

Although our stock of short rolls changes regularly, there are particular products that we stock on a regular basis that are fixed. These pieces, which we refer to as “Express Stock” are available within a 24 hour period.

This Express Stock Inventory consists of the most popular styles and colors utilized by both our RV customers as well as our residential flooring clients. All of these products are made with the finest quality, continuous filament nylon on the market, Stainmaster Tactesse, and because of our ability to stock these products, the cost to you is dramatically discounted.

Special Order Products

For most RV customers, time is of the essence, and thus, the opportunity to special order from our vast sample selection is often infringed by the ability to have the work done in the same week. Although most major carpet manufacturers produce their carpet in Georgia, many of them stock inventory here on the West Coast, and thus, the turn-around time for us to get our hands on the materials is generally about 24 hours if it is in local stock. Carpet ordered out of Georgia is generally about a week out.


Aladdin Anso Beaulieu Camelot ClearTouch
Coronet Disney Fabrica Hollytex Horizon
Luxurelle Kane Karastan Moda Mohawk
Pacific Crest Philadelphia Royal Dutch Royalty Shaw
Smartstrand Stainmaster Stanton Tactesse Tuftex
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