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Bras / Masks

RV & Tow Vehicle Bras

RV BraWe specialize in custom, made-to-fit bras for motorhomes, coaches, trucks, and tow cars.

For a complete list of Bra Templates, simply select your search preference and click on appropriate PDF, By Year or By Make.

Each bra is designed and hand-crafted with the highest quality vinyl materials available, and with each order, the vehicle is measured to ensure a perfect fit.

Despite a turn-around time of about a week, we can ensure a tight fit upon the bras installation, ensuring ultimate protection for your investment.

Our Warehouse Showroom features a floor sample of the materials used to make these bras, and you will be impressed to find the quality of workmanship that even the floor sample displays.

Our craftsman of this niched product offering has over 15 years of experience, and he is definitely the right man for the job.

So, why take the chance with a bra from your neighborhood auto supply store, when you can get one made to last?

Every bra is custom made to fit the vehicle it is intended to be used upon. Measurements are taken, snaps are affix, and the material is cut according to the dimensions needed to ensure a snug, tight fit and ultimate protection.

Search the RV Bras / Masks we offer by selecting your search preference.
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Call for a Quote (800-670-7287) or e-mail us at info@rte66rv.com .

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Interior & Exterior Detailing

We are proud to offer RV owners an affordable and thorough Interior / Exterior Detailing Service using Meguiar’s high quality products.

Meguiar's Interior / Exterior Detailing ProductsMeguiar’s Marine / RV Products

Since 1901, Meguiar’s has become the most trusted name in the Car Care products, earning the trust of millions of consumers and professional detailers.

Meguiar’s Marine / RV Care Products are specially formulated for gel coat and linear polyurethane (LP) surfaces. Modern gel coats and LP coatings are harder and more water resistant than automotive paints, and thus, their unique chemical composition demands special ingredients that are specific to these products. Automotive car care products simply will not achieve the same high quality results.

Why Our Detailing Service Might Be Needed

RV Exterior DetailingDespite the best efforts made by many RV owners, regular washing and waxing gets put off, or household detergents get used in lieu of such products. Both of these issues only increase the oxidation process, further harming the exterior of the coach. Oxidation occurs when environmental exposure dries out the gel coat, causing it to lose both color and gloss. It is necessary to remove all the dead gel coat before lasting high gloss can be restored.

Vinyl surfaces such as sidewalls, fenders, rub rails, etc. are constantly exposed to the elements. If they are not properly cared for, they quickly deteriorate and become unattractive. It’s important to have the vinyl on one’s coach cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, to remove ingrained dirt and grime. Preventative maintenance is key to prevent ultraviolet rays harmful damage, that generally result in fading or cracking if neglected.

Interior / Exterior DetailingGetting That New, Just Off-the-Lot Shine Once More

Our ability to get one’s coach looking like new again has much more to do with the RV owner’s diligence prior to our work than any other factor. A well-maintained coach will glimmer and shine, as the gel coat will be restored and brought back to life.

For those who have not maintained their coach as thoroughly, your coach will be much cleaner and brighter than when it is left with us, but the gel coat shine may not quite reflect the look of the day it was purchased.

Graphics have an average “life expectancy” of 3-5 years typically. Despite this, most RV owners that request our service, have old, deteriorating graphics of 10 years or more. Although we can put our best effort forward, most graphics on an RV of 5 or more years old are generally too oxidized to be restored, but they will definitely be clean.

Our Interior Detailing is complemented typically with the new additions of carpet & flooring, mattresses, or furniture. We will have your interior sparkling clean, ready for you to take your home-on-wheels back on the open road.

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