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Photo Gallery

This page is designed to provide you with a small glimpse of what we do. It is our hope that you will come away with a better appreciation for the work we perform and the reason we are the best at what we do.

Before & After

Route 66 RV FacilitiesIn our efforts to showcase our work, we strive to take as many photos as we can for you to gain a better perspective of the quality of workmanship we offer. When possible, we attempt to snap off both before and after photos. While sometimes, we are just able to capture the aftermath of our installers' handywork, we have provided you with this gallery, showcasing a collection of both before /after photos and those taken just as we wrapped things up.

Before and After Galleries

Carpet and Flooring Trim Hardwood Looks
Carpet and Flooring Trim Hardwood Looks
Tile Looks Remodeling - Custom Furniture
Tile Looks Remodeling
Remodeling - Custom Renovations  


On Location

Route 66 RV FacilitiesThe Gallery is intended to give you a glimpse at one of our locations, where all of our work is performed. As such, you will see the Showroom we offer in both furniture, carpet, mattresses, and more, as well as the many RVs that consistently surround our building.

Located right in the heart of Southern California in the "Center of the Southland" - Buena Park - we welcome you to cruise by or make an appointment to see for yourself why we are so well-respected in the industry.


The Mother Road - Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66One of the first super highways of America, this famous route is the basis of our name, Route 66 RV. Over the past century, this historic American highway was the most popular route for Americans making their way West, from Illinois to California. As such, it became a legend all its own, highlighted as "The Mother Road" and featured in songs by Chuck Berry and the like.

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