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Through the use of this page, we invite you to explore who we are, what we do, and why you should choose us to transform your coach!



Our Original Flooring StoreIn the Summer of 1976, Jack Petruzzelli, the father of our President and Owner, Pat Petruzzelli, started a small flooring company known as Carpets by Leonard in the heart of Orange, California. When opening his new store, Jack's concept was to bring his knowledge and passion for carpet and flooring to the residents of North Orange County, California. Unfortunately, only months after getting his flooring store started, Jack passed away in his sleep very unexpectedly.

At the young age of 18, Pat Petruzzelli was faced with a big decision: to either try his fate in his Father's newly started business or to simply shut things down in the midst of his family's trajedy. With a lot of courage and a little friendly support from some trusted colleagues of his Father, Pat Petruzzelli re-opened his doors, and soon changed the name of his business to Pat's Carpet.

For over 30 years, Pat's company grew from the small, unknown flooring shop of his Fathers to a well-respected source for carpet and flooring in homes, commercial properties, and RVs. Throughout that history, Pat's company, which became known as Pat's Discount Carpet & Flooring, has taken great pride in its ability to offer the residents and business owners of the greater Southern California area with the highest quality products at a discount price.


Pat Petruzzelli of Pat’s Carpet WarehouseUltimately, the key to Pat's Carpet's success has been referrals and repeat business. As our owner Pat Petruzzelli recalls, “What started with someone’s home quickly evolved into an opportunity to take care of the office they had just opened, their rental properties, second homes, and even RVs.” Our RV niché really spawned from the trust that our residential and commercial flooring customers put in us to deliver on the same great quality products and installation they had come to expect from us for so many years before. The same customers we had done work for before opened our eyes to a great opportunity to transform the RVs of motorhome and trailer owners across North America. Under the name, Pat's RV Carpet & Flooring, a new division of our business was formed.

Pat’s RV Carpet & FlooringWhile word spread in our early years through RV customers’ travels, we continued to rely on our primary residential and commercial flooring business, taking time out of our yearly schedule to exhibit at occasional RV Shows across the West. Classified ads featuring our new venture became a common theme in Good Sam Club’s Highways Magazine and FMCA’s Family Motor Coaching. Calls began flooding in from all over and trips to Hollywood and Disneyland now included a pit stop at Pat’s RV Carpet & Flooring. Feature articles about our services filled the pages of Trailer Life and others, and then came the Internet.

Pat Petruzzelli and his son, GrantWith the addition of Pat's son, Grant Petruzzelli, to the team, Pat's RV Carpet & Flooring was promoted better than ever before with an all-new web precense at patsRVcarpet.com. Our website became an instant hit, as keywords powered us to the top of every search engine and bloggers shared the news about their favorite source for motorhome and RV floors. Soon, the feedback from both new and repeat customers came flooding in, and it became clear that more than just carpet and flooring was needed by our customers.


As he had done so many times before, Pat realized that his customer wanted more and that change was on the horizon. With his son's support, both Pat and Grant paved the way for their RV division to take on a whole new form: one unrestricted to simply offer carpet and flooring for RVs, but for a totally complete custom RV parts and services company centered on availing RV owners across North America with the best quality RV specific products at a remarkably low price.

Route 66 RV is bornIn 2009, our RV division was renamed ROUTE 66 RV. In doing so, the addition of Flexsteel Furniture, custom RV mattresses, and an over 800-page RV parts and accessories catalog powered our efforts. A new website, getyourkicksRV.com, was launched and became an instant success, availing customers a full parts and accessories catalog online and our first RV store. The response from our customers so far has just further reinforced our decision to try our fate outside the realm of simply RV carpet and flooring.


Ultimately, we see the opportunities that have stemmed from this new shift, and our commitment to the future of this business is clear - we want to avail each and every RV owner across North America with the finest quality RV products and services available. As a result, we are committed to bettering our facilitiy so that we may make our services even more accessible. We would also like to eventually offer storage of RVs, so that those that leave their coaches at our facility are entitled to the best quality service available, and first priority in any of the products and services we offer.



Route 66 RV - Buena Park, CA LocationUnlike most companies in this industry that spawn from an automotive background, our roots stem from the carpet and flooring industry, where since 1976, residents of Southern California have come to know our parent company, Pat’s Discount Carpet & Flooring, Inc., as the ultimate source for the highest quality carpet and flooring options, all available at deeply discounted prices.

Because of this, our carpet and flooring service, that which we are most known for, is truly a cut above the rest. Not only do our installers have the most experience around at transforming RVs to custom masterpieces, we offer every major brand name available at discount prices. Most RV carpet and flooring "copycats" don't have the networks, nor the authorization to avail their customers to the major brand names you have come to know in your home or office. Instead, they use inferior products from unseasoned companies - a risky venture at a time when such business come and go so readily.

Each and every other product we offer is one that we have become very familiar with over the past 30+ years. If that weren't all, we are passionate about this venture, attempting to truly capture the market with unparalleled, discount prices and exceptional service.

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