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One thing that seperates our company from many others is that we are a family owned and operated business. Since our doors opened in 1976, our customers have come to know that doing business with our family means getting the job done right. Over the years, we have remained hands-on in our operations and have committed ourselves to preserving excellence in the products and services we offer. As such, we treat every job as if it were done for ourselves or another member of the family, and thus, we remain critical of our work and those that represent us.

Through the use of this page, we invite you to get to know our family a bit more, from Pat and Grant to our great crews of installers.

PAT PETRUZZELLI, Owner / President

Pat PetruzzelliFor over 30 years, Pat Petruzzelli has built a solid reputation throughout Southern California as the "family carpet guy." His business has grown considerably since 1976, when his Dad opened a small residential flooring store in Orange. At the time, Pat was at the young age of 18 and had just graduated from Esperanza High School. Only a month or so into his first collegiate semester, Pat's Father, Jack Petruzzelli, passed away in his sleep very unexpectedly. With that, Pat was faced with a big decision: to either try his fate in his Father's newly started business or to simply shut things down just months after his Father had opened. With a lot of courage and pride, Pat soon re-opened his doors, and let fate take the wheel.

Since then, Pat's company has grown from a small, unestablished flooring shop of his Fathers to a well-respected source for carpet and flooring in homes, commercial properties, and of course, RVs. Throughout that history, Pat's company, which became known as Pat's Discount Carpet & Flooring, Inc., has taken great pride in its ability to offer the residents and business owners of the greater Southern California area with the highest quality products at a discount price.

Ultimately, the key to his success has always been great referrals and repeat business from happy customers. As Pat recalls, “What started with someone’s home quickly evolved into an opportunity to take care of the office they had just opened, their rental properties, second homes, and even RVs.” The RV niché really spawned from the trust that Pat's residential and commercial flooring customers had put in him to deliver on the same great quality products and installation they had come to expect throughout his company's history.

Like any new venture Pat tried over the years, he wanted to ensure that if the prospects for an RV division were going to be explored, the same great quality products and services his business had become known for would need to be extended to each and every RV customer that pulled up at his facility. With that committment, Pat opened a new division of his business under the name Pat's RV Carpet & Flooring. For years, word spread across North America about a flooring company in Orange County, California specializing in RV flooring restoration, and Pat was soon affirmed that his newly established niché was truly a successful venture.

Pat's FamilyTo characterize Pat as simply a self-made business success would fall well-short for anyone who knows him either personally or professionally. Over the course of his life, Pat's success is reflected moreso in his family and friends, and a wide variety of hobbies he enjoys sharing with them.

At the young age of 23, Pat married his high school sweetheart, Anna. While there was little doubt that they were perfect for one another, she had been by his side through it all, and Pat knew that she was the one. Within a couple years, their son Grant was born, followed by their daughters Amber and Jacqueline. Pat truly became a family man, and after settling in Yorba Linda, California, a town he grew up in himself, his family of five soon established itself as active members of the community. From church to Little League, charitable organizations to the local golf club, Pat committed himself to all walks of life, remaining active in every facet of his family's members lives. So, while many knew him as the "family carpet guy," many more knew him as Coach, and for years, many of those that he once regarded as customers soon became family friends.

Pat Fly FishingOver the years, Pat has also taken to a few favorite pasttimes. While he played Varsity baseball, football, and wrestling in High School, his passions have always been golf and fly fishing. An outdoorsman at heart, he enjoys the interpersonal challenges of both sports, and the company he shares along the way. So, it's not surprising that when not in the office, Pat has been known to be spotted on the links or on the bank of a Sierra Nevada Mountain stream.

While his kids are all grown up now, Pat's involvement in the community remains a major part of his life and his marriage to Anna is still as strong as ever.

All the while, his business has stood the test of time, surviving the ups and downs of the economy, while holding true to his original philosophy for success. At the start of 2009, ROUTE 66 RV became a reflection of Pat's will to hold true to those values. While other businesses were folding in uncertain times, Pat's efforts to expand on his company's RV flooring success met the demand of his North American customers in need of a one-stop shop for all of their RV restoration needs. With that effort, Pat's newly named division has found great success, and it has truly reinspired him to be the best in his field. Who would expect anything less?

GRANT PETRUZZELLI, Vice President & General Manager

Grant PetruzzelliAt the young age of 21 and fresh out of college, Pat's oldest son was looking for a new challenge in 2005. Despite his age, Grant had already built quite a resume over the years that included the likes of Disney, the Angels Baseball Organization, Tempe Diablo Stadium, and even the United States Congress.

As Senior Class President at one of the most well-respected college prep schools in the country, Servite High School in Anaheim, California, Grant worked for Disney as they unveiled their newly built theme park, Disney's California Adventure. Once enrolled at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona, Grant began working with the Angels Baseball Organization, acting as the Assistant Stadium Manager at the Angels Spring Training facility, Tempe Diablo Stadium. During the school year he maintained his Dean's List status with a full course schedule, all while managing a staff of over 100 members and overseeing the operations at a complex that underwent a $21 million renovation while he was there. While back home during the summer months, he mixed time helping out his Dad at his flooring company with nights at the ballpark, performing security operations at Angels Stadium. For Grant, his timing couldn't have been better, joining the Major League Baseball team in May 2002, just as they raced for the pennant during their first World Series Championship title that same year (a feat Grant experienced first-hand from a very unique perspective).

Grant Photographer on 2004 Election NightAlthough Grant enjoyed the behind the scenes look at his favorite pasttime, he really explored his passion in Washington, D.C., during a semester at American University. With a job on Capitol Hill, working for Congressman Christopher Cox [CA-48] during the 2004 Presidential race, Grant got to experience the political world first hand, truly getting a taste of what locals there call "Potomac Fever". For him, there has always been a passion to make a difference in the world and a goal to one day make a run for office himself, making his time in Washington just a foreshadowing of what he hopes will one day come to fruition.

With each new venture, Grant was exposed to the ways and means of some of America's finest institutions. While he enjoyed the thrill of the ride he was on, Grant took notice growing up of his father's lifestyle, and the flexibility and rewards that owning one's own business could avail both he and his future family. Unlike anything else that he was a part of, Grant was excited to find that his family's business could avail him to chart his own destiny - to make decisions that would make or break his success, and he welcomed the opportunity in 2005.

When he did so, Grant's father, Pat, knew full well what his son had accomplished in his young life, but knowing the complexity of his business, he wanted to ensure that Grant knew every facet of his company inside and out, so that he could appreciate what it took to run such an operation. So, like he had done so many summer days before, Grant soon found himself in his father's warehouse, rolling carpet, tagging inventory, dusting, sweeping, and any other chore needed to help his father's well-oiled machine run smoothly. With each new customer that came in through the steel warehouse doors, he learned the subtleties of each product he now offered, and through a little trial and error, found what it took to serve his new customers well.

In the midst of his on the job training, Grant took notice of the little things he could do to help his new company operate more efficiently. Racks in the store were rearranged to better manage inventory and computers were brought in to reduce the endless stacks of paper and to get more organized. Pat's company was being transformed before his eyes, but he knew that would soon happen with Grant in the ranks. Soon, Grant built an entirely new website for both divisions of his Father's business, launching patscarpet.com and patsrvcarpet.com at the end of 2005. Pat's Discount Carpet & Flooring was being launched into the next generation, and word of both companies was spreading quickly on the World Wide Web.

After some time in the trenches, Grant really came to appreciate his father's training tactics. Within such a business, you truly only learn through action what works and what doesn't, and with that knowledge, Grant soon found himself writing some of the biggest residential flooring orders in the company's history. He soon was promoted to General Manager, overseeing the entire Staff and making key marketing and order decisions on a daily basis. Grant and Pat were becoming a team, combining ideas day in and day out to ensure the family business' success.

All the while, Grant kept busy outside of the family business as well. With his ties to the Angels Baseball Organization still in tact, regular customers of Pat's Carpet often made their way down to the ballpark to see Grant in his security uniform down on the field during each Angels home game. On weekends, he was playing baseball on Sundays himself, enjoying the occasional round of golf, or a small weekend trip with his Family to the Colorado River. Soon, Grant found that the balance of work with his Dad and the Angels was standing in the way of his full potential, so he left the team at the end of the 2007 season, committing himself to he and his Dad's collaborative goals.

Grant and Courtney PetruzzelliWith such a busy schedule, it was difficult for Grant to navigate a personal life as his career took shape. Ironically though, in truly a sign of the times, Grant found love via the Internet in the midst of a chance encounter (a "Friend Request") from a girl who thought Grant was someone else on MySpace.

Seizing the opportunity, Grant liked what they saw on Courtney's MySpace profile, and began a friendship exchanging e-mails back and forth with his new Internet pen pal. All the while, Courtney, who had just joined eHarmony for a free Labor Day weekend trial, was surprised to find that Grant was one of her 3 matches across the United States. Within a week, they both stepped away from the keyboard to meet one another face-to-face on September 12, 2007, and they were married on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2009.

As Grant's personal life took shape, the economy was evolving, and Grant and his father knew what was in store for their business. Home sales were declining and the prospects of major remodels to residential and commercial properties were becoming few and far between. Grant and Pat knew that they needed a new idea to help them weather the storm.

Since constructing their RV website in 2005, Grant took notice in the overwhelming spike to visitor traffic year after year. For Pat and Grant, the message was clear - it was time to direct more efforts to their RV niché. To do so, new products and services were vital, and a new name would avail them to broaden the scope of their offerings beyond just carpet and flooring. Vendor meetings were set, and key brand names like Flexsteel, Norcold, Thetford, and others were soon landed, as each company took notice in Pat's already well-established RV carpet and flooring reputation.

While a new name was thought of, Pat and Grant brainstormed about the way in which RV owners across North America traveled to Southern California to have our company install new flooring in their motorhome. So, late one night, with the help of the Disney's Pixar film Cars playing in the background, Pat was drawn to a familiarity in the old super highway that availed so many 20th century Americans to travel West across America. Seeing the irony in it all, the name ROUTE 66 RV was born, and with other website addresses already taken, Grant turned to a familiar tune for the inspiration he needed to come up with getyourkicksRV.com.

With the name was in place, Grant soon designed the new logo and an all new website. Magazine ads were laid out and catalog publications were printed, and Grant was excited to find a new passion for the art of marketing and graphic web design. Before they knew it, Pat and Grant's new one-stop RV shop was growing in unparallelled popularity. He and his Dad had started something special together, and he was finally exposed to the opportunity he desired when he made his way into his family business - the chance for self-fulfillment at the reigns of one's own destiny.

The Petruzzelli Family

From left to right: Grant, Grant's wife Courtney, Pat's wife Anna, Pat, Pat's daughters Amber and Jacqueline, Pat's Father-in-Law and Grant's Grandpa Ron.


Carpet & Flooring InstallerFor over 30 years, our installers have taken great pride in their ability to offer RV owners throughout North America a service that is both unique and desirable. The demand for carpet & flooring in an RV is the driving force behind our business's success, but it is the ability of our installers to transform these coaches as beautifully as they do that makes our original flooring service a cut above the rest.

With their vast degree of experience, strict attention to detail, and strong desire for excellence, our installers have taken our truly nichťd service to a whole new level. There is definitely a high degree of comfort that stems from an RV owner's ability to trust in those that have seen not just one similar coach to their own, but hundreds before. With each new coach, new challenges emerge that push our teams to test their skills and their ability to consistently rise to the occasion has been a key component to our success.

The relationship between our staff is one of family, as each member whether bound to the family tree or not is engrained in a shared philosophy: to treat each new coach as your own. In doing so, we work together to ensure that the right decisions are made when performing custom installations or dealing with tricky components to these often very complex machines.

Exterior DetailingOur reputation as Pat's RV Carpet & Flooring was solidly affirmed by our service providers' consistent efforts. Through their hard work, a new road was been paved for the creation of Route 66 RV. Our new company name meant little to our installers, who every day were committed to the same level of great craftsmanship and service, just now offered in a wider spectrum of products, beyond simply carpet and flooring.

As new products have entered the spectrum of our installation, really it's nothing out of the ordinary, as we have worked with these items consistently over the years. The only difference really is that rather than taking out the old pieces of furniture and replacing them with the same pieces, we are now taking the old out and putting the new in - an easy shift.

For those limited products and services that fell outside of our normal spectrum of expertise, we have taken great pride to bring in the best in the business to ensure that we at Route 66 RV are able to bring you a complete job, from start to finish. So, from refrigerator replacement to custom bra fabrication and installation, we have you covered!

If that's not all, the services we offer are continuing to grow, as the popularity of our "one-stop shop" idea continues to thrive.  Check back regularly to see what new and exciting services our installation teams will be offering next!

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